Growth of Search Engine Marketing in Online Business

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a set of integrated marketing methods that are used to promote your website or online business on Internet. It enables to reach your target audience and spread your business into global market at a relatively low cost. The method of SEM involves SEO, paid placement and paid inclusion. The functions of SEM are similar to other advertising methods, which you might have already used. But a SEM has certain advantages over the other advertising methods like, economical feasibility and easy way of reaching target audience.

The following reasons explain the necessity of search engine marketing for your online business.

Usage of search engines:
According to the Web Developer’s Journal, 9 out of 10 searchers are browsing within top 30 search results, and more popularly 78% of them wouldn’t search beyond Top 10 search results. Therefore it is necessary to get high search engine rankings for your website, which is possible by search engine marketing. Moreover, there is huge investing on search engine marketing. In 2007 North American advertisers spent US$12.2 billion and the UK advertisers spent £2.2 Billion on search engine marketing.

Growth in business proceedings:
As per the recent survey conducted by Forrester Research, the US online retail sales reached $175 billion in 2007 and are expected to reach $335 billion by 2012. According to 2007 reports of IMRG e-Retail sales index, the online retail sales in U.K grew by 54% over a year reaching £46.6 billion from £30.2 billion. Usually the growth in business proceedings will be increased from consumers who are shifting their spending from traditional stores to online sales. Search engine marketing emphasizes the growth in online business industry and provides an insight on the revenue generated from search engines.

Enhancement in search marketers:
The survey conducted by BtoBonline business magazine has found that there has been huge enhancement in the search engine marketers like,

  • 69.4% of search engine marketers are launching new ad campaigns in 2008 and 36.2% among them are planning to hire additional staff
  • 60.1% of search engine marketers are increasing their overall marketing budgets in 2008
  • The major increase in budget will be found in online marketing with 79.1% of marketers planning

Advertisers are shifting their investments:
The survey conducted by SEMPO states that many advertisers are shifting their investments from different marketing and media strategies to SEM. The following are some of the findings,

  • 20% of advertisers are turning their money from print magazine ads
  • 13% are moving funds from their print newspaper ad budget
  • 13% are shifting TV spot dollars
  • 16% are moving direct mail dollars

This information gives you the facts about the growth and development of search engine marketing and its necessity for improving your online business.

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