Mistakes in PPC Landing Pages to be Avoided for Better Conversion

Landing page is typically used to describe the page where visitors are brought on clicking an Internet advertisement. This page has to be well thought out and executed to achieve the marketing goals. The key objective of landing page is to produce a conversion whether it is a sale, a sign up, or just a lead. In other words, a landing page is also a sales page, where the call for action occurs. When the landing page is not designed well the conversion rate is reduced significantly.

The following are some of the common mistakes of PPC landing pages that should be avoided.

Your page may be too clustered
It distracts the visitors in their search and can even divert your conversion. If the content, images or the popups of your landing page are clustered, there will be a negative affect on the conversion rate.
Multiple calls to action
There shouldn’t be more than one or two calls to action, else it creates confusion in the minds of the visitors.
Irrelevant text or description
Keep the content short, simple and on the topic. Any additional unrelated text on your landing page can dilute the message. Generate an effective call to execute on the landing page. Conversion should be made simple and easy, as there is little time with the visitor for the conversion.
Incorrect information damages credibility
If the facts on the landing page are incorrect, there is a possibility of loosing credibility with your customers. Ensure the information provided on the landing page is correct.
Don’t annoy the visitors
You shouldn’t irritate the visitors with the popups or banners that typically irritate the customers. Agitated customers don’t convert well. Acquire their attention by providing solutions for their needs that the page can serve them.

The above information explains some of the mistakes on landing pages. Ensure that you have thought through these points in order to reach your conversion goal targets.

This is the first part of the article on building good landing pages. We will create a second part of this article shortly that covers other common mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of the landing pages.

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