Google Retains its Position as Number One Search Engine in US

U.S. based search engine major Google’s leadership in Internet search market is unabated. According to Nielson Online May 2008 report on top ten Internet search providers in U.S., Google bagged first position with 59.3% share of the total searches. Yahoo’s competence is deteriorating with the market share of 16.9% registering negative growth over the previous year. Windows live search is at third position with 13.3% registered a positive growth in all the aspects. Top three search engines holds 89.5% share of total U.S. search market.

Still Google is the leader
Search engine major Google once again emerged as number one in U.S. Internet search market. Google has 59.3% of total search share in U.S. for the month of May 2008. There is 3% increase in the search engine market share for Google when compared to the same period in 2007. But the share is decreased by 2.7% when compared to April 2008, where it has 62% of the market share, which is the highest ever gained by a search engine. The number of search queries increased by 15.4% over the year.

Yahoo! is in downtrend
With 16.9% of total share of searches in U.S., Yahoo! is at the second position, registering a negative growth of 4.8% from May 2007 to May 2008. The market share was 21.5% in May, 2007, which is reduced to 26.9%. The monthly comparison also shows a slight decline in the market share by 0.6% form April 2008. The number of search queries are shows a decline over the year by a considerable 13.4% from May 2007.

Windows live search is performing well
Microsoft’s Windows live search is at third position with 13.3% share of total US search market for the month of May, 2008, which is the highest share for MSN in the last five months. The market share grew by 4.9% from May, 2007 and 3.6% over the month of April 2008. Windows also registered 72.4% growth in the number of searches compared to previous year.

AOL search fourth in the list
America Online search with 4.1% share of the search engine market is at fourth position. It registered a negative growth of -1.2% compared to previous year. The market share is also decreased by 0.2% when compared with the previous month. The number of search queries also decreased by 15.6% when compared with the same period in the year 2007.

The total number of searches done decreased by 391 million
The top three search engines- Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live holds 89.5% of the US search engine market share for the month of May, 2008. The number of total searches done in US during the period is considerably decreased by 4.75%, which accounts for 391 million search queries over the previous month. There are an estimated 7.8 billion searches done by US citizens in May 2008.

search ratings clearly highlight Google’s leadership in U.S. search market. Though Yahoo! is in the second position, it is struggling to retain its position. The decreasing number of searches for Yahoo! is a matter of concern. Windows live search on the other hand is growing at a faster pace by increasing its number of searches every month.

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