Google’s Market Share Grew by 12.30% to a Record 62% in Search Engine Market Shares

Google crossed a new record high, breaking through 60% mark for the first time and reached 62% in search engine market shares for the month of April 2008. According to Nielsen Online’s latest release on US search engine market shares for April 2008, Google’s share grew by 12.30% from the previous year same month. Yahoo! continues to decrease in its market share to a new low of 17.5%, while MSN showed a growth rate of 7.70% over the year.

Google is comprehensively dominant in the US search engines market shares and the number of searches done as well. Google occupies 62% of the search engine market share which is the new record high for the Internet market giant. The market share improved decent 5.60% over the previous month and 12.30% over the previous year same month. The number of searches done on Google also grew continuously to a record 5.1 billion gaining more than 1 billion searches (20%) in a record span of four months.

Yahoo! continues to loose its market share in search shares and the number of searches done in US as well to a record low. The search engine market share of Yahoo! stands at 17.5% according to Neilsen-Netratings, which is 20.09% less when compared to April 2007 where it scored a decent 21.9 percent. The market share decreased 2% when it is compared to the previous month’s 18.1%.

MSN windows live search lost its market share in search shares by 19% when compared to previous month, which is reduced to a below 10% mark first time in last nine months with 9.7% share. The percentage change over the year is still positive at 7.70% for MSN over April 2007, where it has 9.0% share. MSN has become the biggest looser when all the search engine market shares over the month are compared.

AOL managed to gain slightly over the previous month in the search shares with 4.3% share for April 2008, which is the second lowest share over the year. AOL increased its market share by 4% over the previous month but lost 20% over the year same month. With this it has become the biggest market share looser over the year, despite powered by Google. When the market shares of both AOL and Google are combined, it becomes 66.3% increasing from 62.80% in March 2008.

When it comes to the number of search queries, Google has crossed the historical 5 billion searches mark, ending up with 5.1 billion for the month of April 2008. There is a 35.4% change when it is compared to previous year’s searches. Yahoo! is the only other search engine with more than one billion search queries with an estimated 1.45 billion search queries loosing 3.4% of searches over the year. MSN is reduced to 79.6 million searches from 97.9 million searches in the previous month, which makes it the biggest looser for the month.

Google search occupies the largest market share and has been increasing gradually. Yahoo! is clearly struggling to maintain the market share while MSN is inconsistent. At 17.5% and 9.7% respectively, both Yahoo! and MSN are way below Google’s market share. Major search engines increased market share at the cost of smaller search engines like There were an estimated 8.24 billion searches done by Americans in April 2008, with more than 95% of them done on top 5 search engines, which make things easier if you are looking to submit your website to search engines.

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