The Number of Internet Users Worldwide Reached to 1407 Million as on March 2008

The increasing number of Internet users every year signifies the growing awareness of Internet usage among the people across the world. According to Internet World Statistics, every year there is approximately one percent growth in the number of Internet users. This increase in the number of Internet users enables the nations to have better information transfer and to impart quality education in remote areas.

China surpasses USA in the number of Internet users
It is interesting to see that China has highest number of Internet users occupying the first slot in the list of countries with 220 million Internet users overtaking USA which has 216 million. China’s economic boom is considered as the main cause for such a spurt in the number of Internet users. It is also observed that penetration rate in USA is 69.7% much higher than China’s 12.3%. This shows china is still not in a position to include majority of its population in the Internet users club.

Norway has highest penetration rate
is the only country with 88% of Internet penetration rate, successful in reaching out maximum number of people, followed by Netherlands and Iceland with 87.8 % and 85.4% respectively as per International Telecommunication Union survey, September 2007. United States with its world’s highest broadband subscriber base, occupied ninth place in this penetration rate list. Ireland with 50.1% and Czech Republic with 50% occupied last two slots of top 43 nations with highest penetration rate. Even though China has highest number of Internet users, it is not able to find place in this list.

Increasing Internet usage in Africa
Despite continuous poverty, illiteracy and hunger, growth rate of Internet users in Africa is on high. According to International World Statistics the number of Internet users increased by 625% during 2000-2007. This is the highest figure than any other region that is recorded in span of seven years. Australia with 141.90% and North America with mere 114.70% growth in Internet usage were at the last two positions in Internet usage growth list during 2000-2007.

Still Internet is not accessible to 79 percent of the world population
Whatever may be the trends that the world is experiencing in the usage of Internet, it is a fact that only 21 percent of the world population is using Internet. i.e. the number of Internet users across the world accounts for only 1407 million as on March,2008, as per Internet World Statistics. This figure is much lesser when compared to 6700 million of total world population. Still for 5293 million people Internet is not accessible.

The rapid growth in the number of Internet users in the world signifies how the respective countries are progressing in the field of information technology. This growth is providing platform to international firms to leverage their strengths and capitalize on the growing Internet market. This also facilitate nations to promote knowledge based economy to all its people.

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