Online Videos Viewed in US Reached 11 Billion in April 2008

The number of online videos viewed in US is increasing every month. According to a study conducted by comScore, the online videos viewed in the US reached 11 billion in April 2008 from 9.8 billion in January 2008. accounts for more than 4 billion of the total videos viewed online.

Number of online videos viewed in the US increased
The Internet users viewing videos online in US have increased in the past four months. According to the study, about 11 billion videos have been viewed online in the US in April 2008. Nearly 135 million Internet users watched on an average of 82 videos per viewer in April. The Internet users watching videos online includes both streaming and progressive downloadable videos.

Google sites extends lead in online video market share
Google sites once again ranked as the top US video property with more than 4.1 billion videos viewed i.e. 38% share of all videos viewed in April 2008. Google sites have attracted most number of viewers, where the viewers spent an average of 50 videos per person.

You Tube accounts for a major portion of Google videos
You Tube accounted for 98% of all videos viewed at Google sites, which is more than 4 billion videos viewed online. You tube has the major portion of the Google video property and also it accounts for more than 1/3rd of the overall videos viewed online in the U.S. during the month.

The average viewer watching online videos
The time spent on watching online videos by the users has increased in the U.S. during the first four months of 2008. On an average an online video viewer watched about 228 minutes of video in April 2008, which was 206 minutes in January 2008. 18-34 year olds are the heaviest viewing segment watching an average of 287 minutes per viewer i.e. about 15 hours of online video per person in April. The time spent on watching the online videos by the U.S. Internet users increased as the number of sites providing online videos increased.

The number of online videos viewed in the U.S. is increasing, which is a result of increase in the number of sites providing videos for the Internet users. Google sites have dominated the online video market as they account for major portion of videos viewed online.

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