50% Blog Readers Say “Blogs Strongly Influences Purchasing Decisions”

The number of blog readers is continuously increasing. The number of those who read blogs once in a month is increased by 300% over past few months according to Jupiter-Research. The research study “Harnessing the power of Blogs” reports that nearly 27% of total online population reads a blog at least once in a month and about 6% read everyday.

50% blog readers’ purchasing decision influenced by blogs
From past few years, blogs are influencing the blog readers’ purchasing. 50% of blog readers say they find blogs useful for purchase information. 31% blog reader’s felt that blogs are useful for purchasing other then technology related items. More than half of user’s i.e. 56% say blogs with niche focus and topical expertise were key sources for purchasing decisions. Blogs have a strong influence on those who read them and play a key role in accompanying them from actual purchase.

52% of Blog reader’s believe that blogs play important role in purchasing decision
According to the Jupiter-Research’s study, blog factor is weighing considerably in the in critical stages of the purchase process. 52% of blog readers believe that blogs play important role in critical movement of purchasing decision. By reading the blogs 21% decide on a product or service, 19% get support answers for their queries and 17% discover product and services for purchasing and finally 7% of blog readers are purchasing.

25% of frequent readers trust ads on the blog
One of most prevalent and successful forms of advertising on web is ads on the blogs with related search results. Trust on blog advertising increased more than social networking site advertising. 25% of frequent readers trust ads on the blogs they read and also paid links get responses of 25% of blog readers. In contrast to that, only 19% of users trust ads on social networking sites.

71% of frequent blog readers read more than one blog per session
71% of the frequent readers read more than one blog per session. Blogs links are used as the top tool for discovering new blog by 38% of frequent blog readers. One in every five blog readers use blogs links for discovering new blogs and 6% of total frequent readers go for blog search engines for same purpose. Blogs readers experience blogs as part of a connected conversation but not for sake of loneliness.

Blog are giving similar impact as a trusted recommendation from a person for purchasing a product or service for frequent blog readers. It is clear that, blogs are influencing the purchasing decisions more than social networking. This is becoming a really interesting implication for advertisers and marketers. Knowing the importance of blogs can help the advertiser for better targeted advertising for qualified audience.

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