Google is Leading the Search Engine Market with 62.90% Market Share

Google search engine once again ranked as number one among other search engine providers for December, 2008. According to Nielsen, Google’s market share is 62.90%, Yahoo has 16.80% share and MSN has 9.80% for December. Search queries for Google increased by 33.50% from December 2007 to 2008, reaching to 5.421 billions. The search queries for Yahoo increased by 13.70% and decreased for MSN by 15.50% when compared to last year.

Google continues as market leader with 62.90% share
Google once again topped in search engine market share with 62.90% in December, 2008. But when compared to last month market share of Google i.e. 64.10%, decreased slightly by 1.20%. Considering the market share of Google from last December, overall increase in market share of 6.60% is observed from the figures. Market share of Google had a growth mode for last 12 months except in December, 2008. Total search queries of Google reached to 5.4 billion from 4.06 billions from last year.

Yahoo market share slightly went up by 0.70%
Yahoo is in second position with 16.80% market share, a slight increase of 0.70% when compared to last month. Yahoo registered a negative growth of 0.90% from December, 2007 to December, 2008. In August, 2008 market share was high at 18.1% and registered low market share of 16.10% in month of November, 2008. Same fluctuations are observed in case of search queries, as total search queries in December, 2008 are 1.44 billions. Yahoo, making high efforts to increase and stabilize their market but it seems the plans are not working as excepted.

MSN stands at third position with 0.70% increase in market share
MSN is in third position with market share to 9.80% in December, 2008, slight increase 0.70% compared to December, 2007. When market share of MSN is compared from December 2007 to 2008, it registered a negative growth of 4%. In last 12 months, the highest and lowest market share for MSN is 14.1% in June and 9.10% in November respectively. Total search queries are dropped from 0.99 billion in December, 2007 to 0.84 billion in December, 2008.

Total number of search queries increased to 8.623 billion
The total number of search queries in last year increased to 8.623 billions, with an overall increase of 19.60%. Total search queries of Google increased by 33.50% with 5.421 billions from December, 2007 to 2008. Continuous increase in search queries every month is observed for Google. There is an overall 13.70% increase in search queries for Yahoo but MSN has seen a 15.70% decrease in total search queries. 89.50% of total market share and 7.61 billion search queries are by top three search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and MSN. Search queries for small search engines are also increasing.

Google is still dominating the other search engines with its market share. Yahoo is in second position with slight increase in both market share and number of search queries. MSN market share is increased slightly but overall there is a decrease in market share as well as in total search queries.

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