Online Video Viewers Stream Content more on Weekdays

Now-a-days, online video streaming is considered as one of the best tools in Internet marketing. According to Nielsen, 65% of online video viewers stream content between 9am-5pm on weekdays, and 51% of viewers stream content between 6am-8pm on weekends. 3% decrease in unique viewers of online videos from September to October 2008, and YouTube is ranked as number one online brand.

65% of online video viewers stream content between 9am-5pm on weekdays
Online video viewers stream content as per the time and desire of watching the video. In weekdays, 65% of total viewers of online video, stream content between 9am-5pm and 51% of user stream videos between 6am-8pm on weekends. The viewers who stream the online video in weekends especially between 11pm-6am are only 14%. Video streaming is increasing more on weekdays than weekends.

3% decrease in unique viewers of online videos
Online video streaming scenario continues to evolve but it is observed that there is a slight decrease in viewers, who view atleast one video in a month. Total unique viewers decreased by 3%, from 124 million users in September to 120 million in October 2008. But there is a relief in both total stream and stream per viewer, total stream is increased by 1% and stream per view is increased 4% from the same period. Streaming online videos are a hit among avid Internet users, especially these days.

YouTube continues as number one in top online video brands
YouTube is continued as number one in the top online brands but there is some decrease in total streams for September and October 2008.Though YouTube stood at number one, total streams were decreased from 5.35 billion in September to 5.07 billion in October 2008. Fox Interactive media continues in second position with slight increase in both total streams, and unique viewer from same period of 2008. Hulu jumped to third position from sixth position in top online brands from September to October 2008.

Though the online video streaming increased but the unique viewers were not increased. Despite of widespread popularity of online videos, some may not be interested in watching online videos. Top online brands are destinations for fans to deepen their experience of different videos. Remember that people are becoming curious about new videos and video streaming. Many online marketers are using video streaming to increase their impact of promotional activities.

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