Marvist WebMarketing to Offer Business Protection Service Against Cyber & White-Collar Crimes for KPO Business

Hyderabad, India, May 30, 2009 – Marvist WebMarketing to offer a new service to help businesses dealing with knowledge based services to protect themselves from unsavory elements.

There has been increase in white-collar crime with both Hyderabad and Cyberabad Police Cyber crime teams seeing a sharp increase of such crimes.

However, by the time things go to the law enforcement an organization is already negatively affected. Plus, it is possible that businesses do not take the steps required to collect evidence to properly prosecute the criminals and ensure they get a jail sentence.

Unlike corporate sector, law enforcement and judiciary move with different speeds and the operating procedures are quite different. There is a need for corporates to be aware of these matters and structure the organizations to handle the unique characteristics of these institutions.

The new service from Marvist will involve a set of services, alliances, educational programs, and best practices consulting to help good KPO businesses to protect themselves against criminals who many times pose as employees.

Marvist believes that a lack of such service will destroy the competitive position of Hyderabad. Not having mechanisms, services, and advice locally will prevent good MNCs from coming to Hyderabad. Also current organizations may be constrained from expanding their operations and bringing new knowledge / research based projects to India. It also prevents innovation and destroys competitive edge of Hyderabad.

The service will cover prevention, monitoring containment as well as prosecution. The service will also cover education of employees on the seriousness of cyber crime as well as the negative implications on a person’s career once they get involved in such offenses.


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