Google US Search Share Reaches 63.2% in May 2009

Google leads the US search base of 9.4 billion with 63.2% share in May 2009. According to Nielsen, Google reported a significant 28.2% YOY growth in number of searches in May 2009. While US core search base reached to 14.3 billion, Google is incredibly ahead of all the search engines in US with 5.9 billion searches in May 2009.

Google constitutes 65% of 14.3 Billion US core searches
According to comScore, the US core search base has increased significantly to 14.3 billion in May 2009. Around 9.3 billion searches were conducted through Google search engine, enhancing its US search share to a significant 65%. Google search share, in May 2008 was 61.8% with around 6.6 billion core search base.

Google US search share reaches 63.2% in May 2009
Nielsen reports that the total number of searches conducted through Google search engine has reached to 5.9 billion in May 2009. This is 63.2% of 9.4 billion total US searches conducted in that month. Google search share in May 2008 was 59.3%, with a search base of 4.6 billion. Yahoo! Search is in second place with 17.2% search share and a search base of 1.6 billion.

Google reports 28.2% YOY increase in number of searches
Google search query base has increased by a significant 28.2%, over the previous year. According to Nielsen, the number of search queries on Google has reached to a remarkable 5.96 billion in May 2009 from 4.65 billion in May 2008. Yahoo! search saw a 22.3% YOY growth over the same period.

Total US search queries report 20.3% YOY increase
The total number of US search queries has increased to 9.4 billion in May 2009 from 7.8 billion in the same month of 2008. This is a significant 20.3% YOY growth. ComScore also reports a remarkable growth in US core search queries from 10.8 billion in previous year to a remarkable 14.3 billion by May 2009. This shows the huge potential of search, which is still increasing at considerable rate.

The US search query base is consistently increasing at a considerable rate. Google is leading the US search query base with a remarkable number of search queries. While Microsoft repositioned its search engine as ‘Bing’ out from June 3, 2009, search market getting more competitive.

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