Bing Squeezed the Google’s Share but it Could Not Gain on Google

After the launch of Bing with the positive market reaction, it is initially penetrated highly among the US searches. The growth rate of Bing throughout the June was good. As a result, it gained 0.4% share (Comparing with previous month share of Microsoft offices), according to Comscore. With that pace it was able to squeeze the growth of the Google. However, when we compare the shares of these two with June 2008, Bing lost 0.8% and Google gained 3.4%.

Bing, With Rapid Growth Rate Penetrated Into The Market
The repositioned Bing had a rapid growth rate in June. It is definitely positive sign for Bing. It may be due to the reason that people are curious about the new product by Microsoft and to test it. If Bing gives good experience to the users especially in its initial days, it may become a major competitor to Google in near future.

No Growth For Google In June 09
In June 09, Google led the search engine market with 65% share but with no growth from the previous month. Google overall yearly growth rate is 3.4%. So it is clear that the launch of Bing showed some impact on the search engine market. But still Google has its unbeaten competitive edge.

Compared With The Previous Year Share Of Microsoft Sites, Bing Lost 0.8%
Even though there was rapid growth rate in Bing’s market share, it lost 0.8% from June 2008 to June 2009. Bing not even reached the old “Microsoft sites” share. It is not a negative sign but a challenge for Bing. It shows that the initial efforts are not enough to sustain in the market.

Bing Gained The Lost Market Share Of Yahoo
Yahoo retained the second position with 19.6% Market share but lost 0.5% from May to June 2009 and overall it lost 1.3% from June 2008 to June 2009. It is clear that the 0.4% gain of Bing entirely from 0.5% dropped share of the Yahoo.

Bing succeeds in its first month. Bing gained the lost market share of Yahoo. Though it indirectly affects Google, Bing gained on the Yahoo but not on Google. In order to perform well and gain on Google, Bing has to put more effort and maintain high momentum than earlier. Overall, this leads to a healthy competition between the three major search engines.

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