Google Search Share Remains Unchanged in The Month of June

Google remains unchanged in terms of US search engine market share as yahoo decreased and Bing increased. Google is still ahead of all other search engines. Google has a search base of 9.1 billion searches with 65% market Share in June 09. The total US search base is about 14 billion searches which increased about 2.5 billion searches from June 08 to May 09.

Google remains Unchanged with 65% Market Share:
The market Share of Google remains the same as 65% but there is 2% decrease in the number of searches made in June 09 when compared to May 09. Google’s search share in June 08 was 61.5% with a search base of 7 billion searches. The present search base of Google is about 9.1 billion searches with a 172 million search drop compared to May 09 and an increase of 2.1 billion from June 08. Though there is a challenge from Microsoft’s Bing, it seams that the there is no great threat for the Google’s top position in the search market in the near future.

Yahoo decreased by 0.5%, holds 19.6% Market Share:
The market Share of Yahoo decreased by 0.5% and holds 19.6% with a search base of 2.8 billion searches. There is a search drop of 122 million searches when compared to May 09. Yahoo’s search base increased by 0.8% from June 08 where as its market Share is decreased by 1.3%. Yahoo had a minimal effect by the entry of new Microsoft search engine, Bing that gained a market Share of 0.4%.

Bing increases its Market Share by 0.4%:
Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing entered the search market in May 09. It had a market Share of 8% in May09. Its market Share is increased by 0.4% and stands at 8.4% presently. Bing’s current search base is 1.2 billion searches, which increased by 3% from May 09. Bing gained much attention both from the industry experts as well as users that made it to make headline of the search news this month.

After the repositioned Microsoft’s search engine Bing’s entry in May 09, it is observed that there is no much change in the Google’s market share and minimal effect on the total market share.

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