Employees Suitable for Innovation Driven Companies

Author: Prabodh Dubaka

When you look at most of the successful companies, we will notice that all innovation activity can be traced back to the employees behavior. Companies that are constantly evolving and striving for a change, need people with the right mind-set who can realize and implement new ideas that aligns with the company’s goal. The mindset of a person who works for an innovative company is different. Generally, regular persons feel out of place in an innovation driven company.

What is an innovation driven company?

Innovation stands for doing things differently so that the customer is served in a better manner. For example : Apple is one of the most innovative companies. However, it does not always invent everything. Toshiba brought to the attention of apple a tiny 1-8” disk drive but did not know what to do with it. At the same time Apple was looking to create a new portable music player later named ipod and was looking for suitable electronic components that could be fit together for a customer need as an innovative portable music player that would link together with iTunes music player. This is how, Apple tactfully made use of the opportunity to create an innovative product for the needs of the customers.

In an innovation driven company, customer stands at the centre for innovation.  Everything is done in innovation with customer in mind –

  • How to serve the customer better?
  • How to do things that customer will appreciate

This is different from doing things differently just to be different. Teenager wants to do something different to grab attention. This is not innovation. There is no purpose here beyond grabbing attention. Innovation is about subduing our ego for the service or to be beneficial to someone, while gathering attention is about just being famous. In innovation, when customer is happy then we get famous. Our service to others make us famous, but not our attention grabbing hair style, dressing etc.

Employees mind-set in an innovation driven company

On the other hand, there are some employees who are not naturally wired to lead. Many employees resist changes because they are comfortable following the established norms.  They have a pre established path in their mind which is not at all suitable for innovation. The employee’s mind is focused on conformity not creativity. Instead of excelling in an innovative driven company, such employees think that they are at the wrong place which is not appropriate for them.

Employees in innovative companies should have creative behavior and have openness to accept changing methods, processes etc.  Nobody likes change, but a suitable employee of an innovative company will understand the importance of the change and its positive impact on the customer and they will get excited to participate in order to get appreciation from the client. An
innovative employee is never afraid of taking risks for creating something new that generates economic value to the company.

Innovative employees distinguish themselves from others through intrinsic interest on challenges and solutions. Such employees are only a small factors of the overall employees available. But they are very valuable to an innovative company. It’s not so much a monetary thing as much as it is about being comfortable with the mindset. Innovative companies have that mindset and seek employees who match that mindset.  From the innovation supporting employee point of view such employees feel comfortable and appreciated in innovative companies.

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