Skills required to create successful content

Author: Anita Ray

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the label of “one size fits all” when we go for shopping. Sometimes the gloves may be too long, sneakers may be too narrow or the caps are too short and we just feel uncomfortable shopping there. Now-a-days content creation has been following the same dreadful “one size fits all” label to pretty much all the sites except for few that are following the unique techniques while doing the write-ups.

What are the aspects that govern the way you write? Consistency in style, tone, grammar, and punctuation is just the common thing that every blogger or content creator follows as a part of normal procedure.
But what makes your content unique from others?

All content is not created equal. Some content will go viral generating huge traffic to the websites while others will get lost in the archives. If you want to create a successful content, all you need to do is ‘put your readers first’.

  • Create the perception of quality and professionalism
    A sloppy blog or content will never keep the readers busy for long. On the contrary, if there is a structure and quality, the readers feel much safer sticking around. Professionalism always wins over ignorance.
  • Foster consistency in style and tone
    Consistency in writing means handling many things, from checking the tiny details like spelling and grammar to sticking on to the subject and maintaining the relevance.
  • Create base content and expand in the direction of your audience
    Never give readers everything at once as it creates chaos in conveying the right message. Always start form the base and try to expand it to the broader vision.

Here are some tips on how to write strategic content that can convert successfully.

  1. Find the content ideas that are proven to convert
    If you want to gain traction, and make your write-ups stand out in the SERPs, then apply unique strategies such as creating attention grabbing headlines or giving interesting examples to evoke curiosity that will make your readers want more. Integrate Power Words in the headlines and sub-headings such as smart, effective, strong, powerful, impressive, interesting etc.
  2. Optimize your content like you would do to a landing page
    Make sure important points stand out in all of your content pages and try to create compelling write-ups by tracking the six elements – value proposition, urgency, relevance, clarity, anxiety, and distraction.
  3. Express the content conversationally
    This way of writing can make your content easy to read and personal. Do you write the way you talk or speak? Some people don’t believe that it works, but it does. Writing the way you talk is a simple way to express yourself better. Remember the content that converts usually appeals to human emotions and the readers will relate to your message, especially when you lead with storytelling.
  4. Format your writing for readability
    Last but not least, readability has as much to do with layout and presentation as it does with great content and writing style. To create interesting content for driving leads, it must have good writing, design and idea.

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