Reasons why a career in digital marketing is hot right now

Author: Anita Ray

Job seekers who are seriously in search of a long term sustaining career might have noticed a significant rise in the salaries and opportunities in Digital Marketing field than IT/Software. The wave associated with the IT industry has slowly declined as most of the businesses and consumers are shifting their focus to digital presence. Just a few years back, the word digital marketing was hardly known to people but today it has become one of the important marketing strategies for most of the companies. From technical to analytics, digital marketing field  has many job openings for the skilled professionals and this is expected to grow further in the next few years.

Let us discuss some important reasons why it is a good time to be a part of this fast growing industry.

Many companies are falling shortage of digital marketing professionals

The sudden demand for talent is exceeding the supply of knowledgeable professionals in the digital marketing field which includes various elements like SEO, email marketing, social media, mobile marketing and other web promotional strategies. The companies are more worried about losing their business profits to their competitors and hence are implementing various promotional strategies in marketing to stay ahead in this hyper competitive environment. So broadly we can say, the future demand is going to be for talented professionals in various digital marketing job profiles.

Salaries are relatively high

Some colleges are including digital marketing in their degrees or certificate courses so that when students finish their course they will have minimum exposure to the basic concepts of digital marketing tools. Based on the background education and professional experience, the average salary in digital marketing is relatively high when compared to other marketing industries. A professional with exceptional experience from top colleges can definitely earn higher annual salary when compared to what he can expect from an IT or software industry.

Increase in digitalization of businesses

Regardless of size or industry, many businesses are trying to scale up their marketing operations by successfully establishing strategic process and structures that can effectively connect with the customers. They have realized the importance of digitalization and reshaped their existing marketing operations by engaging in digital marketing services like email marketing, social media, content marketing etc. Today more than 50% of the consumers are using internet websites to make purchase decisions on a particular product. So, this makes it important for the businesses to establish their online presence and market themselves to successfully reach the potential customers. Hence this creates higher demand for digital marketing professionals in various stages from entry level positions to highly experienced SEO specialists.

Faster professional growth

With the growing demand for digital marketing skills, professionals with good analytical and technical skills are significantly enjoying faster growth in terms of salary and roles when compared to other industrial verticals.  In fact, these skills have become mandatory for traditional marketing professionals because companies are allocating more budgets for digitalization and integrating the existing conventional methods into it. Hence, obviously a person in the marketing field with lack of skill in digital marketing will be left behind in the career. Not only the skills are viable for marketing professionals, but companies are in a race to recruit the best cream of professionals in various digital marketing roles who can develop their business and increase profits with minimum budget allocations.

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