Things to be aware of while using WordPress

WordPress has first started out as a blogging software and over the years it has grown into vast platform that is somewhat kind of confusing for the traditional developers. Despite the growing concerns about the security and frequent update issues, many companies are still considering it as a number one choice for designing their websites. Beyond blogging, it has earned the reputation of being an open source easy to use platform, with many preinstalled ready to use design options, hundreds of free plugins and themes, endless menu choices and many more. However, some traditional developers who are into HTML coding and Photoshop design are still not comfortable using it because it needs different skills and technologies to convert their exiting designs into WordPress. While others feel this software as an amateur tool not for professional developers, where everything is ready-made leaving very little scope for custom designing to get the output in the desired way.

The tool has both pros and cons, but there are certain things that you need to be aware of before adopting this software for your website design.

1. Not recommended for consistent systems

People who are seeking consistent platforms need to be cautious when using this tool for their internet sites. Updates for the software keeps coming up very frequently and it is very important to have the latest plug-ins to keep up to date with the current browsers and mobile devices. By any chance if you really miss on these updates or if it doesn’t work as expected then you will be losing out on the regular functionality of your website. Most plugins are freely available for download but identifying the right one that is suitable for your desired functionality is going to waste lot of your time. Even though the right plugin is identified, configuring it to the existing system is again going to create many problems for the developers.

2. Creates Identical Websites

Some companies are just thinking about saving money on website development by using WordPress but are ignoring the fact that they are losing on uniqueness in user interface. Websites developed using this tool almost look alike even after the color and theme adjustments. This has turned out to be biggest disadvantage for large companies who always strive for uniqueness especially when they are promoting their brands. No company likes to share their website design with other brands even if the tool is freely available online.

3. Slow page loads

This software uses almost the same generic code which may not be essential for all websites. It will not only complicate the design part but hinder the page loading speed. Additionally, the tool requires several plug-ins to add a functionality which might sometimes take longer to load pages eventually affecting the user experience. Hence using this platform may not be the good choice for some specific businesses, especially if they are totally dependent on the website for sales and profits.

4. Difficulty in customization

The websites created by using this tool are easy to install but very hard to customize when changes or adjustments are required for the existing theme. Only a trained professional or a programmer who is familiar in working with themes and templates can make major changes. Sometimes, it requires CSS and PHP skills while a normal traditional developer with HTML and Photoshop knowledge may find it difficult to execute. So flexibility to make changes is very limited, unless the programmer working on it has good knowledge on WordPress scripting.

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