Digital Marketing Training Institutes Misguiding Vulnerable Students

Now-a-days it has become a trend for students to attend training classes after degree if they don’t have a job. The pitiable thing is that students are more relying on training courses to get a job and not confident about their three or four year degree. What they didn’t achieve with their four year degree, they think they can get it by attending just a 6 months course. Well, there is nothing wrong to gain some additional knowledge in the field they are interested in, but they need to be careful before blindly jumping to conclusions and paying fee for a training course. A wrong training institute can make the situation even worse and will make them unfit for a job in any good company. Even if they somehow manage to get a job, they will not be able to perform because they are trained by substandard faculty who set wrong expectations and provided wrong concepts.

For instance, lets us focus on digital marketing training institutes that are rapidly growing in numbers but delivering poor quality training to students. The worst part is they are coming up with new definitions for digital marketing which have no relation to the real concepts. For them it is just a part of game to make money and do not care about the implication on student’s career. These concepts neither benefit students in gaining knowledge nor help them to attain a good job in the digital marketing field.

Misguidance: Digital marketing can be done by a single person

One person cannot do all aspects of digital marketing. It’s just a wrong concept that training centres are creating among students. For digital marketing, people with multiple abilities (creative and analytical) are required. For example, in SEO to analyse 200 parameters that affect Google ranking, multiple roles with varied skill set are needed to work on different aspects like website credentials, existing marketing processes,  business strategies and other areas.  So it is just foolishness to think of doing all aspects of digital marketing as one man’s job.

Misguidance: Digital marketing is suitable for a freelancer

Only for an ‘institution’ marketing is required, and you need to work in an institution to understand how they operate. Non-institutions do not need marketing. Good professionals become famous by word of mouth and then get so busy that they cannot handle any more work. When you think freelance and work outside a company, you do not understand how organizations work and the needs of an organization. Marketing cannot be non-institutional like freelancing. Then it will be more like a LIC agent who heavily relies on relationship & selling abilities, and little on financial planning abilities or skills.

Misunderstand digital marketing as a traditional marketing

It could be possible that some mediocre faculty with little industrial experience in digital marketing are coming up with such wrong concepts. They just combine some elements of traditional marketing and come up with absurd concepts which do not make sense in real digital marketing setup. The height of stupidity is they are assuring 100% job guarantee to students in MNCs where they themselves are working in a training centres because they could not fit in a MNC. No doubt not every faculty is like that, as few of them could be experienced professionals teaching there as part time. But such individuals are few. Every trainer claim they are like that.

Wrong perception that it is a skill with set of tasks not marketing mind-set

These training centres overly focus on tactical aspects and teach students that everyone is fit for getting a job in digital marketing. They think it as a technique and as a commercial aspect in a materialistic point of view. It is an unfortunate thing that they don’t teach students the importance of marketing mind-set that is required for getting success in digital marketing.

Students out of these institutes cannot deliver results in their work

To perform in a job and be in a good position, the mind-set should be according to it. Students completing courses from such institutes will not have mind-set of employees rather they have a delusion of becoming entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is about showing results to clients. When such candidates are in digital marketing jobs, they will not sustain and deliver results at work. It also negatively affects the firms in which they are working as digital marketers as their firms suffer the brunt of wrong training concepts. Almost no institute assesses the candidates’ abilities and strengths and helps them to concentrate more in aspects of digital marketing they are good and where there are jobs for that skillset. They try to make them jack of all trades but they become unfit for any job.


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