About Us

Marvist Digital Marketing is a division of Marvist Consulting Pvt Ltd. Marvist Digital Marketing offers Internet marketing strategy, search engine marketing, pay-per-click campaign management and other services to help our clients sell more of their products and services. Marvist also offers customized business research and competitor intelligence services.

Marvist Digital Marketing is a niche Internet marketing services firm founded with a mission to offer marketing services that enable businesses to sell more of their products and services faster. Marvist Digital Marketing’s goal is to ‘Enable our client’s business success through our Internet Marketing Solutions’.

Senior Management

The senior management at Marvist Digital Marketing has previously worked in senior management positions at Fortune 100 as well as small and mid-size companies and has extensive experience in online marketing, new products development, product management and traditional marketing. Marvist’s senior management has experience across multiple industries as well as on international markets and are leveraging their experience and expertise to offer innovative marketing services to supplement the existing marketing and business development programs at a fraction of the current costs.


Marvist recruits top quality people through a rigorous recruitment process that identifies people having the right attitudes, skills, knowledge, and who can deliver on international client assignments. Marvist’s managers and team leaders actively manage both people and processes to deliver result-oriented services to its clients. They also play a key role in growing their team members to enable them to deliver on bigger assignments.

Work Culture at Marvist Digital Marketing

At Marvist, employees get an opportunity to work on interesting and challenging work assignments for clients based in USA and Canada. Unlike typical offshore companies, the positions at Marvist Digital Marketing are day time positions that are interesting, analytical and creative. Marvist Digital Marketing has a great work culture with focus on professionalism, recognition of performance and result-orientation towards clients.

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