Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the positions and the recruitment process at Marvist Digital Marketing. Before contacting the HR team at Marvist, please read up this section.

What is the Recruiting Procedure at Marvist?
Candidate’s individual merit i.e. talent, knowledge and skills plus match with our value system are the key criteria to get selected at Marvist. We believe in hiring for the long-term and therefore the hiring process is spread over several days to help us to get to know you better and vice versa.

What is Marvist’s Work Culture?
At Marvist, employees get an opportunity to work on interesting and challenging work assignments for clients based in USA and Canada. Unlike typical offshore companies, the positions at Marvist Digital Marketing are daytime positions that are interesting, analytical and creative. Marvist Digital Marketing has a great work culture with focus on professionalism, recognition of performance and result-orientation towards clients.

I would like to work for Marvist and there is no suitable position for me in Marvist, what is that I need to do?
Please send your resume to careers@marvist.co.in along with a cover letter outlining your qualifications and your capabilities. We will match your resume against current/future requirements and contact you if there is a match.

Calling to know the directions to Marvist, but nobody is answering?
You can check the detailed directions to Marvist along with the roadmap in our Contact Us page.

Do you hire for other companies or which company I will be working for?
Marvist is not a placement consultancy, we hire only for internal positions. All hired people will work for us at our premises.