HR Operations Executive

Job Description:

In this role you have to execute, coordinate / follow-up on HR related assignments and ensure proper implementation of existing HR policies of the company.

Employee Records & HR Information Systems:

  • Attendance & Leave Management: Maintain and monitor – attendance and leave records regularly. Provide accurate data promptly at start of the month to facilitate payroll processing.
  • Maintenance of HR records and reports.

Joining & Exit Formalities:

  • Take care of joining formalities, induction and exit procedures.

Employee Reachout:

  • Monitor the suggestion box and emails related to staff grievances and bring that to the attention of managers for information and resolution.
  • Arrange office picnics and special events for employees.
  • Implementation of routine and non-routine staff welfare programs sanctioned by management.

Employee Engagement:

  • Responsible for creating high performance culture
  • Implement the Rewards and Recognition programs
  • Track the joining dates and birthdays of the employee and inform to the respective managers.

Training & Development:

  • Identify new skills that can be commonly trained at organization level and create programs for such training. Implement existing training programs for skill development.
  • Educating staff on new and old policies/rules by regularly circulating IOM’S, letters, posters, announcements and emails.
  • Regularly circulate company policies via IOMs and present on company policies in meetings to educate staff on company rules and enable them to change their behavior to comply with company policies.

How to apply:-

If you are interested in this role, please send your resume to