What is Marketing?

As a leader and pioneer in the field of marketing and especially in Internet Marketing, Marvist has built this section to help future marketers to understand the real world difference between sales, advertising, marketing and market research. This content has been created by our top management leveraging their extensive experience in marketing at Fortune 50 companies in the USA.

Currently many aspiring marketing professionals believe that career opportunities in ‘Classical’ Marketing are not available in Hyderabad. This false assumption and some bad advise from people in their network about the poor prospects for marketing jobs causes many aspiring marketing professionals to choose other career options. Even though these options don’t match with their preferred interests or talents. The goal of this Marketing Career Education section is to provide factual information on marketing and its importance in business today.

Sales and marketing means the same thing to most people in India. You will notice that a majority of Indian companies call their sales persons as marketing professionals. There are several reasons why Indian companies behave in this way:

  • The company top management do not know the difference between sales and marketing
  • Marketing sounds better or fancier than sales

Till recently, with protected markets and an economy controlled by licenses, the Indian market was a sellers market. Companies were not required to do marketing.

Only off late, with increase competition, customer awareness and changing buyer preferences have companies started realizing that increased production does not translate into higher sales. Many companies have been realizing that the traditional sales and advertising push is no longer a guaranteed success formula in India, which is moving closer to the developed economies in terms of market behavior with a strong need for a marketing focus.

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