Employee Verification

We understand how important employee verification is in choosing good people. We believe the best predictor of a person’s future behavior is their past behavior. As such, we understand the importance of this activity.

There have been several people who have worked with our past and have parted ways in professional manner. They have been good with their work and left to pursue other opportunities or due to personal reasons. Such people have handled the relieving with sincerity and have handed over in letter and spirit. We sincerely appreciate their cooperation.

Recruiting Department does not handle employee verifications:

Our company process is to have all employee verifications channeled through the HR department. At Marvist, the Recruiting group is one part of the overall HR but it is not involved with HR activities.

How to get past employee verification from Marvist:

While we understand, that this information is important for you. We cannot randomly stop our work to take up something at short notice. The best way to reduce time is to approach the right way to get ex-employee verifications at Marvist. To maintain integrity and accuracy, all communication should happen only via email to. Calls and personal visits will only waste your time.

So please give us time to review the documents properly. Some of the records are not readily accessible and take time to access, review and report.

Marvist Policy on employee verifications:

All supervising managers, colleagues are bound by Marvist policy to not provide any feedback to an external entity or person but provide ex-employee verifications and feedback internally so that it can be sent through proper process to external entity. This is to ensure honesty in verifications. This is not a new thing but has been the policy since 2005. If you pursue feedback and verifications despite this, you are getting an opinion from someone who is violating policy.

So the disadvantages and the inaccuracies of such a feedback needs no further elaboration.