Link Popularity Building

Natural & ethical link building is very important for organic search engine rankings. Search engines can easily recognize spammers and faulty link builders who use automated software or just spam everywhere without thinking about quality of the websites from which your website is getting linked.

There are many different ways in which backlinks can be built to a website. Some links will have positive impact and some will have negative impact. Based on our past experience & research, we have identified many types of links that will not negatively impact rankings, but there will be no positive impact either. As a business philosophy, we don’t fool our customers by building those links. All links that we build will make a positive impact on rankings for your website. Our new product development team has identified these websites by doing a thorough research with our own websites that we maintain for testing.

Below are the types of links that we build for your website:

  • Relevant theme category pages links from SEO friendly directories
  • Article syndication links
  • Online press releases
  • Social Bookmarkings
  • Micro blogging sites
  • Blog links from long standing blogs that are atleast 3 years old